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Showing Your Sponsors Love: A Guide to Expressing Gratitude and Recognizing Your Partners

Events that go the extra mile to show love and appreciation to their sponsors can experience a substantial positive impact on their bottom line.

Beyond the immediate financial support, expressing genuine gratitude builds a strong foundation for long-term partnerships. Sponsors, feeling valued and recognized, are more likely to increase their investment and commitment to the event. This can result in additional financial contributions, exclusive sponsorships, and heightened brand visibility. As sponsors align themselves more closely with the event, it often leads to increased attendance and participant engagement. Attendees, appreciating the support from sponsors, are more likely to become loyal patrons, positively influencing ticket sales and overall event revenue.

In essence, the relationship between events and sponsors is symbiotic, and demonstrating love and appreciation creates a positive cycle that not only benefits the sponsors but significantly contributes to the event’s financial success and sustainability.

We reached out to a few of the national and regional brands we work with and asked decision-makers about memorable ways they have received “love” from events they have sponsored.

Check out the below five ideas of how to show love to those very important stakeholders!

1. Commemorative Event Posters

Creating commemorative posters adds a unique touch to events by offering mementos for their attendees. The visual appeal and artistic nature of the posters make them stand out, ensuring they become cherished items. Event posters as sponsor gifts not only serve as memorable keepsakes but also represent a tangible gesture of gratitude, especially when personalized or signed by artists.

“I personally love the event posters (specifically music ones if they’re signed by some of the artists!) but know that isn’t for everyone.”

– Tito’s Vodka Representative

2. Speciality Experiences

Offering exclusive experiences, such as VIP access and meet-and-greets, provides sponsors with a tangible benefit that goes beyond traditional sponsorship perks. This personalized approach not only elevates the sponsor’s experience but also creates lasting memories. Sponsors value the opportunity to connect with key individuals and showcase their brand in an intimate setting. Tailoring these experiences to align with sponsor interests enhances the overall impact.

“Special VIP pass to a private clean bathroom [or a special area] during a concert would be awesome.”

– Ford Motors Representative

3. Handwritten Thank You Cards

Hand-written thank-you notes add a personal touch that resonates with sponsors. To maximize their effectiveness, customize each note to acknowledge specific contributions or aspects of the sponsor’s brand. Ensure that the message is sincere and genuine, expressing gratitude for their unique role in the event’s success. Individualizing the notes demonstrates a thoughtful appreciation that stands out from mass-produced acknowledgments.

“Thank you notes are great and I keep them if I feel they are personally addressed to me or [our brand] and are hand-signed. Anything that is mass-signed and clearly sent to all sponsors isn’t worth keeping. I would rather the event use those funds for something worthwhile. If they acknowledge or recognize something specific about what we do then it feels more sincere.”

– Coors Representative

4. Public Recognition

Publicly acknowledging sponsors beyond the event itself enhances their visibility and credibility. Consider innovative ways to recognize sponsors within their industry or community, such as awards or press releases. This not only amplifies the sponsor’s brand exposure but also positions them as integral contributors to the event’s success. Public recognition fosters a positive image and strengthens the sponsor’s association with the event.

5. Be A Good Partner

Being a good partner throughout the sponsorship process is foundational to effective appreciation. Beyond formal thank you gestures, maintaining clear communication, delivering on promises, and demonstrating flexibility are key elements. A positive and collaborative partnership experience contributes significantly to sponsors feeling valued. Actions that show reliability and commitment speak volumes, reinforcing the idea that the event is not just transactional but a true partnership.

“Most importantly the best way to show appreciation is to be a good partner throughout the process. If an event is difficult to work with then Thank you’s are worthless. Like any relationship actions speak more than words.”

– Coors Representative

Events showering some love on their sponsors isn’t just a polite gesture; it’s like cultivating a friendship. It’s a strategic move that goes beyond a simple thank you – it’s an investment in building lasting partnerships. The ripple effect of this love and appreciation extends to creating an amazing event experience and ensuring a path of success for future endeavors.

When event organizers truly value and acknowledge their sponsors, it’s like laying down the groundwork for a thriving and mutually beneficial relationship that puts smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s a win-win for all the awesome folks involved!

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