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Sell Your Event! Do you need help when it comes to selling sponsorship for your live event? Were you just thrown the sponsorship management role for your organization? Get Teresa’s bestselling Sponsorship book and workbook, Sell Your Event! The Easy to Follow Practical Guide to Getting Sponsors.



Whether you have a long-standing, well-known event or you’re just getting started, check out our free resources to help you reach your maximum sponsorship potential.

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With over 20 years in marketing, events, and sponsorship sales, our team has the expertise to help your event reach the next level. We can provide consulting, customized support programs for your event, and one-on-one training and group workshops.


Understanding how to market your event can be a prickly task, but Green Cactus can show you the way!  Get as little or as much hands-on support as your event may need.  Sometimes it's just getting a little expert help in creative, media, or PR that can make all the difference.


Is your event not hitting its sponsorship goals?  Juggling too many jobs and know sponsorship money is being left on the table?  Let Green Cactus handle the sponsorship selling of your event so you can get back to doing what you love. Our staff has brokered millions with top regional and national brands. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and help you reach your Sponsorship goals!


What Our Clients Are Saying

Hood To Coast
Relay & Race Series

Portland, OR
“Teresa and the Green Cactus team have led sponsorships sales and activations for Hood To Coast to a world-class level. The Green Cactus team is creative, fun, and detail-oriented. They are clearly respected industry leaders that prioritize professionalism.”

— Dan F.

North Miami

Miami, FL
"Through Green Cactus, we have gained a lot of brilliant, practical knowledge about how sponsorships should be approached which has not just improved our sponsorship process but made our whole event better. A huge thank you to the team at Green Cactus. You guys are worth every penny.”

— Christina J.

The Loop
Artist Rehearsal Complex

Fort Worth, TX
“We have used Teresa at Green Cactus as a consultant from the beginning of our business. Her eye for advertising and suggestions on how to grow our brand has been invaluable. I cannot say enough good things about her or recommend her enough, she has truly been a rock-star for us!”

— Rachel L.