HTC Pool Activation

Let’s Talk About Sponsor Activations!

One of my favorite things about sponsorships is activation! How a sponsor partners with an event is everything! In my opinion, a successful sponsorship activation is one that enhances the event that patrons experience, while creating a memorable impression about the brand. We went to visit one of our clients earlier this month in Bend, Oregon for their event: Hood To Coast High Desert. One of the activations that I loved, was a traveling pool and hot tub used to promote a custom-build pool company. Now I’m not talking a blow up pool, or one you can pick up at Wal-Mart for $200. I’m talking a fully tiled and custom pool! It was totally eye catching, and definitely made for a memorable experience at the end of the race party!

When sponsors bring in exciting, fun, and useful activations, it can help connect not only the brand, but the event to a patron on a more emotional level. Photo booth sponsorships are a great example of this; they may not be entirely original, but people love them. Also, being able to have a brand logo on a digital strip –that is being shared socially– is a huge win. You are not only generating a fun feeling during the process, but with each share the brand is being endorsed to peers of the event patron.

Other successful activations are ones that fill a need for the patron, like phone charging stations, or water refill stations. These are associated with being “helpful” which is a positive feeling for an event patron.

Next time a sponsor just wants to set up a table and flyers try to suggest some creative ways to up their activation game. It will be a win/win/win for them, the event, AND the patron!

Check out some fun activations we have spotted at different client events!

Custom Built Pool – Hood To Coast: High Desert
Custom Built Pool – Hood To Coast: High Desert
Firestone “Destination Country” booth where patrons got the chance to meet a Jamboree artist each day of the festival! – Oregon Jamboree
More of the Firestone “Destination Country” booth. On this side, patrons got to take a photo in front of a green screen and share the branded photo to their personal social media platforms! – Oregon Jamboree
Mike’s Hard Lemonade Booth that featured a lemon shaped airstream trailer that they served samples out of! – Oregon Jamboree
Odwalla Juice Booth where patrons could charge their phones using the bike, and then receive a free bottle of Odwalla! – Hood To Coast: High Desert

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